Now That's a Rocket

Well ok really it's only four feet tall, the boys and I are just having a little fun with perspective.

My Level 2 Rocket As a Matter of Fact!

This is a LOC V2, 5.5" diameter, 48" tall, and 8 pounds with the motor, a full pound of noseweight, 30' of nylon tubing shock cord, RocketMan chute, and a beeper for retrieval.

Launched 15 July, 2000 from Bong Recreation Area - riding on a J350 this rocket got right out of Dodge, whistling on the way up to about 2500 feet. Too cool. My son and I tracked furiously through thick brush looking for the rocket for 45 minutes before giving it up for lost... only to find it had been recovered and brought back to the launch site by someone else. The silver lining: my wife's going to get me walkie-talkies for next time.

The paint pattern in the picture above (final completed version) is meant to match the black and white roll pattern of a White Sands V2 test rocket from around 1947 timeframe (see below).

What the... ??

Ready to Rock & Roll

Sky's clear... Range is clear...

Gone in a heartbeat - a quarter of a second into the flight she's at 30 feet going 120 mph!

The Recovery Team

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Updated 24 August 2008